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Jerry is the owner of this blog, a Constitutional Conservative, avid fan of Doctor Who and Narnia, and enthusiastic about satellite TV and other technology. During the day he makes a living doing IT work.

Hello DISH Spokeslistener!

I have been a customer of DISH for a long time. They have a new place to submit comments. I’m currently waiting on a response to see whether they actually listen, or do my concerns¬† just go in a black … Continue reading

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Good night, Graci.

We say good night for now, to the innocent Yorkie who graced us with her presence these past 15+ years. A tribute.

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Vote for the Christian Conservative. No, not that one.

I am a Christian, and a longtime member of a pretty much average Baptist church in Alabama. I have been watching politics for years and this is how it has been in the past. I even behaved this way myself … Continue reading

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Heading down a new path

As the years go by, I look back and see a few things that I would change if I could. Such is life. No sense living in the past, I can change things anytime. So I am changing them now. … Continue reading

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Welcome to

Welcome to Jerry’s personal website. There’s not much here except my resume. If you want to see that, you need to ask me for the password. Please visit Pepper and Graci. They are much more interesting than I am.

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